Saturday, September 29, 2001

I'm a Londoner

It's been about two weeks since we got the keys to our new flat but tonight will be the first night we will have spent here. L left her job a week ago and has spent the time ferrying a couple of car-loads of stuff down to Finsbury Park and today my parents hired a van to bring all of my things down from Stevenage.

So, at the end of a tiring day here we are, boxes and bags everywhere, loads to sort out but happy that we are finally living together. The last two years or so that we've been in different parts of the country (me in Stevenage and L in Manchester and then Birmingham) has been tough. Only seeing each other for a couple of days every two or three weeks is not the easiest way to have a relationship but we've come through it. Now I just hope we can cope with being in the same place.

Now, you may be asking, why Finsbury Park? Neither of us know anything much about which areas of London are the nicest to live in so we just wanted to find somewhere and then start looking more long-term. The only criteria we had was that it be in North London (to make it easier to visit our families) and not be (too) expensive. I'm sure there were other areas we could have looked at but Krapy Rub Snif (as my brother likes to call it) was the first one we came to. Simple as that. We only have to be here for eight months so if we don't like it we can soon move on. The bonus for me is that it will only take me 35-40 minutes to get to work and from Monday I start at 8.00, which means I'll be home by 4.45 every night. Very nice, indeed.

The flat itself is at the north end of Finsbury Park, right at the bottom of Crouch Hill. Our road is just off a major junction at the bottom of the hill and there are two pubs; The Larrick & The Old Dairy; within fifty yards of our front door. The Larrick is the closer of the two at just two doors away. I can see us looking at the clock at 10.00 and deciding to pop out for a pint or two before closing. Nice.

Anyway, I'm knackered so I'm going to finish there and head to bed. Of course, I might go out for a drink first...