Friday, June 03, 2005

Bowing Out

As any regular readers of mine will probably have already guessed, I have slowly been running out of steam when it comes to blogging. I'm now down to posting once a week, if that, and it is becoming a chore.

I could offer up any number of reasons for this; I have less time on my hands both at home and at work; I'm more tired than ever; I'm pre-occupied with other things. The simple truth is that I just don't have the enthusiasm for it any more. The skies may still be clear and blue but I don't seem to spend the time looking at them that I used to. Even when I do have an idea, I can't summon up the willpower to sit down and write it. The enthusiasm that infused my first few months has been tempered and diverted elsewhere online and there just isn't any left.

So I'm bowing out. I may prove this to be a hiatus at some point in the future but the way I feel at the moment, that isn't too likely.

Before I go I just want to thank everyone who has read, commented on and linked to this site over the last 21 months. I have made some great friends and have enjoyed it immensely. I will still be around in a reading and commenting basis, so I'm not dropping out completely. And if you're ever thinking of getting together in 'real-life', drop me a line and I'll probably turn up (when there's beer on offer I usually do ;-) ).

Once again, thank you all and see you around.