Monday, March 07, 2005


Friday night saw me in a pub in Holborn attending my third blogmeet; a surprise party for dg, who will be forty this week. I didn't stay terribly late - given the way I've been feeling lately I wasn't up for a big night - but before I left there was cake and chocolate and the inevitable BW game, this time to do with creme eggs. Of course, I played along with great enthusiasm, as always. ;-)

The strange thing is I'm now starting to think of my fellow bloggers differently. I've now met various of them in real-life two or three times in the last twelve months and I am now starting to think of them as real friends, not just online mates. I don't see some of my old friends any more often than that, so maybe it's not all that surprising, but I certainly wasn't expecting to make lots of new friends when I started writing here.

This raises uncomfortable questions. As friendships develop, there is often an impulse to introduce you friends to each other but how do you do that in this case? If you want to keep your blog private from your old friends, what do you say when one of them asks how we know each other? Not that I'm thinking of landing myself in that situation but you never know what might happen and it's good to be prepared. Any tips will be gratefully received.

Anyway,it was great to see you all again and we must meet up once more soon, when I shall try not to look too bleary-eyed.

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