Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New Arrival

Okay, then, time to put you all out of your misery.

Friday was a bit of a false start as the contractions, if that is indeed what they were died away on Saturday. Saturday night was a different matter entirely.

L's waters broke at 2.45 on Sunday morning, cutting the night's sleep drastically short, and we duly headed off to the hospital (it's very nice driving at that time of night - assuming you can stay awake, anyway). A minor (and quite common) complication saw us transferred from the Birth Centre to the Delivery Suite, where our son, N, was born at about 1.40 that afternoon. For those it will mean anything to, the labour was very short - L was in established labour for only 3-4 hours. I took some time out to get some lunch, thinking it was going to be some hours before anything happened and I almost missed it all! Thankfully, I got back in time to have my hand crushed and my eardrums abused by all the screams. ;-)

We've decided not to put his name online so I'm sorry if you made a guess as to what it was. Anyway, he weighed in at a hefty 9lbs 15ozs (long rather than fat) and is absolutely gorgeous. L stayed in overnight with him and they both came home yesterday afternoon. Now we just have to learn how to be parents!

I'm off work this week and next but I'll stop by from time to time. When I'm not looking after my new son, of course.

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