Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Election Prediction

It's the big day tomorrow so, despite still not knowing who to plump for, I thought I'd make a prediction of the results. If you want to do the same then leave it in the comments.

Fairly obviously, I think Labour will win it but not with the sort of majority they've enjoyed over the last eight years. I think it will be cut from 166 to around 70 (71, say, for precision's sake), with the Conservatives gaining 58 seats and the Lib Dems increasing their total by 30 (the others going to minor parties like the SNP).

The first result will be called by 10.38p.m. tomorrow. Peter Snow's new swingometer will get a really good workout and I will stay up watching bleary-eyed until well after midnight (I'm not working on Friday, thankfully), by which time the result should be clear.

Locally, I think it will be very close but that Tony McWalter will remain our MP for another few years, allbeit with a much reduced majority of around a thousand - definitely a target seat next time around.

I'll see how close I am next week.

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