Friday, May 13, 2005

Prediction Results

Well, my predictions weren't too far off, were they? A 67 majority for Labour instead of my predicted 71 means I was pretty close on that one (though I messed up my calculation regarding the number of seats the other parties would gain). I was five minutes out on the first result but Peter Snow's swingometers and 'battleground' were definitely well used during the night.

As for the rest, the only thing I got significantly wrong was my own result. I wasn't sure whether Tony McWalter would keep the seat or not. I was pretty sure it would be close but in the end I went the wrong way. Whether or not my vote helped or hindered the result will remain a mystery.

It was an odd election, though, don't you think? Have you ever known an election result that can be described as good (but not great) for all the major parties? I mean, Labour may have lost a lot of seats but they came out of it with a decent majority and their first ever third term. However, there was a very obvious backlash against the party, and the PM in particular. The Tories gained seats and have brought in a lot of new, young MPs, which should be good for the party, but the downside for them is that they didn't make larger in-roads into Labour's majority. Then there are the Lib Dems, who made large gains (in swing if not seats) against Labour and have confirmed their place in UK politics but will be disappointed not to have made much showing in the Conservative seats they were targeting.

Everyone has something to boast about and something else to think about. Strange.

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