Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Shakin' that ass

I wish I'd been there to see this happen.

Last week sometime, my Mum noticed my youngest brother's mobile phone lying around. He's always leaving it somewhere or other and consequently has trouble finding it. Sure enough, later on Mum was sitting on the sofa watching the television or something with one of the cats lying beside her when he came in asking her if she'd seen his phone.

"Erm, yes, i have but I can't remember where. Have you tried looking on the bookcase in the dining room?"

"It's not there. I've looked everywhere."

"Why don't you try ringing it, that'll tell you where it is?"

"That won't help, it's on vibrate only."

"Well if you will leave it..." You can guess how the rest of it went.

Anyway, a few minutes later he had obviously decided to follow Mum's advice after all because the cat suddenly leapt up from where she had been sleeping peacefully, eyes wide with shock and hurt. She turned around and looked at her rear end in surprise as if to say "How did I do that?" and then, scraping together what dignity she could, left the room as it dissolved into hilarity behind her.

Somehow I don't think she'll be sleeping on any mobile phones again in a hurry.

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