Monday, June 28, 2004


Has it been too long now for a simple sorry?

Blimey! Almost three weeks. It appears I have been hiating. I didn't mean to, you know. It just sort of happened.

After my last post I became ill. I woke up on the Saturday morning with my eyes gummed shut and an urgent appointment at the doctor's (my first visit for over five years) landed me with some ointment to squeeze into my eyes four times a day. As well as that, over the weekend the cough that I'd had for three weeks by then started to get worse and I was wheezing and feeling pretty rough. So, another visit to the doctor was on the cards for Monday (the last day of our break). I actually saw a nurse but she couldn't work out what was wrong with me (typically, that was the first time in 24 hours the I wasn't wheezing) so she gave me some anti-biotics and told me to go back if it didn't clear up.

So it was that I came back to work two weeks ago looking like death warmed up (my boss said I was grey) It was all I could do to get through the day and blogging fell by the wayside. By the beginning of last week I was feeling much better but I still couldn't bring myself to write anything. I had even drastically curtailed the number of blogs I was reading and commenting on.

It's not that I haven't had anything to write about, just that I couldn't make myself do it. It was refreshing. I have been working better without the distraction and at the moment that's something that I really need to be doing.

I'm not giving it up, though. This isn't a long way of saying that Clear Blue Skies is clouding over. Just that I need to cut back a little bit. I'll still post, visit and comment but it will probably be more erratic than it used to be. I've yet got to finish off the backblog and dream up new blogevents for your delectation. There's also likely to be a series of posts in the near future about my attempts to relearn how to drive so look out for that.

So that's about it. Sorry I haven't been around but I haven't gone completely.

(BTW, we finally moved into the master bedroom a week ago - almost four months after we moved in)

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