Thursday, June 03, 2004

This Week

Okay then, maybe hoping to post over the weekend was a little over-ambitious...

My parents came to stay Saturday night so most of the day was spent tidying and cleaning, with a couple of hours spent outside trimming the hedge aroiund the front garden. I cooked roast beef for the four of us and we spent the evening demolishing several bottles of wine. I had suggested they come and visit so we could all go the Herts County Show, which was being held just the other side of the M1 and that's what we did on Sunday. It was a good day out with a variety of attractions (e.g. flower tent, steam traction engines, livestock) and displays (showjumping, motorcycle stunt display). Plus a mass of stalls selling all sorts of goods; from locally made foods through clothing to garden furniture and beyond. There was even a stalling selling loft ladders! Mercifully, there was enough cloud around to stop us from burning too much and we all enjoyed it. Spent too much money, though. ;-)

On Monday, we went to help clear out L's grandmother's old flat and claimed a few unwanted bits and pieces (like some gardening tools and a set of new pans that she doesn't need any more). L's father stayed with us on Monday and Tuesday nights while the final clear out was happening.

So it was that Tuesday morning came around and we hadn't got any work done in the bedroom, which we want to pretty much finish decorating before we go back to work. I put that right by sanding down the woodwork and some of the filling that I'd already done. I didn't do as much as I wanted but it's a start.

Yesterday I had to help out a bit more on the flat clearance, taking a few bits to the dump and stuff and then spent the afternoon using the hedge trimmers that my father had left with us at the weekend to trim the hedge properly. The difference was very noticeable. A few more goes at it over the next month or so should get it looking great.

Today we finally had the electricians in to rewire the bedroom so I couldn't do any more work in there. So we sat and watched videos and daytime television all day instead. Amazingly, I don't feel at all guilty about it. I've been so tired for so long that a day spent doing very little was indeed welcome. That won't last, though, since there is now no excuse for us not getting the room finished off.

Hopefully we'll be spending our first night in the master bedroom soon. We ripped off the first scrap of wallpaper four months ago today when we completed so we've got about two and a half weeks now if we want to be in there within four months of moving in.

Back to the sanding tomorrow, then...

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