Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Tube Strike

So, I see the RMT has hit upon a new strategy for combating obesity in Londoners. I could have tried to get on a bus, I suppose, or strolled to Kings Cross to get the Thameslink to Moorgate but in the end I decided to walk. All the way from Euston to the office.

The route, while not terribly direct, was pretty easy: straight down Woburn Place and Southampton Row to Holborn then turn left and continue straight on to Bank and beyond. Three miles (give or take) and less than 45 minutes, which is about what I thought it would take.

And there were a lot of other people doing exactly the same thing. Most of them not as far or as fast but they were out there, pounding the streets, losing a bit of weight on the way to work. I tell you, the RMT should do it more often - we'd all be fit in no time. I've forgotten what it's like to walk long distances regularly. I used to walk two miles to get to school and about the same to get in to university and that sort of regular exercise really does help you stay in shape.

I did get frustrated with my fellow hikers at times. Some of them just don't know how to walk properly, it seems. There are the people who walk three abreast and really slowly forcing you to lower your pace until you spot a chance to get around them. And those who just can't seem to walk in a straight line and keep blundering into you as you go past them. You've also got to keep an eye out for anyone carrying a big umbrella, jabbing the pointed end out behind them as they walk. If you're not careful you can end up with stab wounds to the gut. Bloody idiots. I'm just thankful no one was wheeling a suitcase behind them otherwise I think there would have been carnage.

My legs and back are now aching a bit, but in a good way, and I've got a little over six and a half hours to rest before doing it all over again.

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