Thursday, September 30, 2004

A Change in Season

It's odd how being just a few hundred miles north makes such a difference to things like when the sun rises and sets. We only spent a week in the Lake District but when we got back sunset was noticeably earlier than it was when we left. We now have to put lights on almost as soon as we get home from work as dusk descends. It's also darker when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Autumn is definitely upon us and the gloominess isn't the only sign. Outside our house a couple of trees suffered an explosion of colour while we were away as they became covered in red berries and their leaves began to lose their green hue.

It won't be long before the grass will crackle underfoot on the way to the station in the morning and small clouds of steaming breath will mark my progress down the street. My summer jacket is heading for the wardrobe and my winter coat returning in the opposite direction. Gloves and hat will soon be joining it.

The world is slowing down, getting ready to sleep through winter, hibernating until spring comes and it is time to wake again.

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