Friday, October 22, 2004


Sorry I didn't put in an appearance here yesterday, I had too much work to catch up on and just didn't really have the time. Anyway, I'm sure you'll all be glad to hear that I survived my trip south of the river and even came back relatively unscathed from it. I was surprised I can tell you.

The course was very good, which was also a bit of a surprise. Project Management doesn't sound like a terribly fascinating subject but the tutor was very good and made it interesting and amusing and, most importantly, very relevant. Definitely not a waste of three days.

The hotel was a Toby Inn and was therefore pretty bog standard. Nothing exceptional but nothing poor, either. The only disappointment was the lack of freebies. The soap and shampoo/shower gel in the bathroom were in little dispensers, as though they expected people to nick them or something. Other than that, there was just the tea and coffee stuff, which I did help myself to while I was there, and the towels, which I wouldn't even use to dry off a dog (if I had one).

The were freebies from the course itself, though. It was being run in our offices but by an external company, so there things to be had. I came back with all the usual stationery bits and bobs; pen, pencil, triangular highlighter with a different colour at each corner, a great thick pad of notepaper etc. So I didn't do too badly out of it.

There should be a couple more posts today, to make up for the rest of the week, so keep your eyes open.

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