Monday, October 25, 2004

Side Effects

One thing that you soon find out when you are pregnant is that there are often some pretty odd side effects. Some of them are entirely expected, such as morning sickness and putting on weight but others are quite surprising.

For example, to start with L was losing weight at a rate that most dieters would be happy with and it carried on for weeks. This is all perfectly normal but no one had told us it might happen. Her nails have become ridiculously strong, too. They used to break of their own accord now and again but L has had to resort to using the clippers to keep them under control because they refuse to break.

Then there's the forgetfulness. It's well documented that women's brains shrink slightly when they are pregnant and that this seems to affect their mental acuity a little. I've saw this in action a couple of weeks ago when L said "You know, pregnancy does two things to you; it makes you forgetful and, erm...". Try as she might, she couldn't remember what she was going to say next.

Some of the expected side effects have yet to materialise. L hasn't started craving weird things like charcoal or fishfinger and jam sandwiches but there's plenty of time for all of that since she's now four months in.

Does anyone know what else we can expect between now and the beginning of April?

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