Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Sex Question

One thing that people are often asking me at the moment is the sex question. Well, sex questions to be precise. There are three of them, two easy to answer and one that's altogether more difficult.

The first of the questions is 'Is it a boy or a girl?'. This is simply answered. We don't know. We can't know, yet, as we haven't been for a scan or had any tests that could tell us the sex of the baby. We don't even know that there's only one of them, yet.

The next question follows on immediately from the first. 'Do you want to know what sex it is before it's born?' Again, this is easy to answer. No, we don't. That's not to say that if we go to the scan in five weeks time and the baby's waving its bits at us from inside the womb then we won't try and pretend we haven't seen it. We're just not going to go out of our way to find out.

Then comes the difficult one, usually after a short pause while the answers to 1 and 2 are processed. 'So, what do you want? A boy or a girl?' My heart sinks. Not this question again. How do I answer that? If they'd said 'do you want a little daddy's girl' the answer would have been yes. Ditto with 'do you want a son to play football with in the back garden?'. I would be over the moon with either a son or a daughter and have no preference at all over which I end up with.

Of course, the obvious solution would be to have one of each.


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