Monday, November 22, 2004


Friday night saw me attending my second blogmeet, this time at the Green Man by Great Portland Street. It's definitely not the best pub in the world but the company more than made up for it. I arrived just in time to find Harriet, Elsie and dave at the bar and rapidly had the first pint of the night in my hand.

We found a table in the corner underneath the world's loudest speaker and tried to work out whether, working for the mayor as she does, Elsie had the authority to chuck 2 guys off a much larger table. We were still undecided when other people started arriving and pretty soon our number had expanded to include Mr D., NiC (and his better half), Steve and Invisible Stranger, who must have been in the pub for a little while before anyone at the table had worked up the courage to call out his name on the off-chance that it might have been him.

As seems to be becoming the norm for these London Blogmeets, Blue Witch had a nightmare journey in from the sticks and turned up once everyone else was already half-cut. We were definitely the liveliest group of people in the pub, making more noise than the party downstairs despite only having half the numbers. There was much laughter and great chunks of the world were put to rights before we all tumbled out of the pub around closing time.

For those of you I hadn't met it was great to do so and for everyone I had it was good to see you all again.

Here's to the next one.

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