Monday, November 22, 2004

The Inmates Running The Asylum?

In his post about Friday night, NiC had a moment of genius that seems to have gone unnoticed by everyone else.

"If the group continues to grow we'll be taking over a whole pub soon", he said.

Now that's a bloody brilliant idea and it got me thinking. What would the perfect blogpub be like?

Well, judging by Friday's example, it would either have to have quiet, background music or a pair of wirecutters on each table but that's probably applicable to any pub, not just one for bloggers, so what other features should it have?

Obviously, one corner of the building would have to be sited on the convergence of several different lay-lines so that Witchy could play at spinning polos with unsuspecting blogpunters and it wouldn't be a bad idea to site it next door to a shoe shop, either.

It would have to be staffed with barmen who don't look at you oddly when you ask for a straight vodka with no ice and to keep me happy it would need to have a wide range of ales, so that I wouldn't have to repeat the same drink twice within any one evening.

A shelf of books full of obscure facts about London to inspire DG is clearly a must, as is a registration system so that everyone knows who everyone else is as soon as they walk in the door.

It would never close, merely go on hiatus every few months. It would serve cocktails on a Friday afternoon and coffee on a Monday morning.

And, of course, there'd be a pc at the bar where the blogpunters could post without ever leaving the pub.

Any other requirements that I have overlooked? And does anyone know of a suitable location?

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