Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Common invitation

I got home from work last week to find a letter waiting for me with the House of Commons stamp on the back of it.

"What on earth is this?", thought I.

Inside the envelope was a letter from my MP inviting me to a coffee morning being held locally this Saturday to discuss 'local issues and concerns'.

Could it be that I was picked at random or did someone in the local Labour party ranks think to themselves "Here's someone new to the area, let's see if we can persuade him to vote for us in a few months' time"? Hmm.

As yet, I'm still undecided whether I will go or not but it's likely laziness will take hold and I'll just stay in bed instead. It has, however, made me think about the local issues that I would want to bring to the attention of my MP. The fact that there's not enough residential parking around our place? The kids that cause havoc on the green in front of the house? I doubt he'd do anything about them so what's the point?

Anyway, if you had been invited to see your MP, what local issues would you want to bring up?

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