Monday, January 10, 2005

Customer Service

On Sunday, BW wrote a post about how customer service at John Lewis is worse than it used to be. She also recounted the adage that someone who receives good service will tell one person about it whereas someone who receives bad service will tell twenty.

Well, I was in John Lewis on Saturday and got some very satisfactory service and if I only tell one person, then it because I only have the one reader. ;-)

About two and a half years ago, we bought a BT cordless phone in the Oxford Street John Lewis. Over the last year or so, the buttons have slowly stopped working. First it was the 1 and the 9, then the 2 went and now only a couple of the others still work. We had kept the receipt, because whoever served us when we bought it had written on it that it had a five year guarantee. At the time that had seemed like far too long but I wasn't going to question it.

So, we took the phone back to the Watford branch, went to the service desk and were told that it should only have had a one year guarantee. Then the guy went into his office to check it out. We were preparing to argue our case when he came out and said that, although the number on the receipt was a mistake, they would honour it and gave us a debit note for the value of the phone.

We then picked out a new digital cordless, with an extra handset, and paid just £25 for it. Bargain.

Looking at the receipt for the new phone, the space for the guarantee period has been left blank...

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