Friday, May 14, 2004

Sick Note

Mrs CBW has spent the week becoming re-acquainted with (and rapidly bored by) daytime television. She complained yesterday that her timing was really bad because the last time she was off work for any great length of time, the BBC were showing the same series of Diagnosis Murder as they are now. I think it's just as well she's going back to work next week; she'd probably be mad by Wednesday afternoon if she didn't.

Last Saturday morning I was under instructions to get various bits and pieces to occupy her while she was off this week. You know, puzzle books, snacks, that sort of thing. One thing she asked for was the latest copy of Hello! magazine. It's not something she buys regularly so I was able to swallow my pride and my objections (I really can't see the point in that sort of magazine - the banal minutae of two-bit celebrities and all that) and pick it off the shelf. My thoughts brightened considerably as I picked it up because attached to the front of it was a large, free bar of Lindt Caramel.

We started it the other night and it's absolutely gorgeous. Smooth milk chocolate with hard chunks of caramel running through it. Mmmmmm. Hopefully, there'll be some left when I get back to the Lair tonight.

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