Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Flashblog #1

Right, then. Because of my enforced mini-break over the last couple of weeks, Flashblogging Month has not really got off the ground, yet. That is about to change, however. Flashblog #1 has been put back a week and will now take place on 8th October, with more to follow during the rest of the month.

Flashblogging has been inspired by two things. The first, obviously enough, is the flashmob craze that has been happening in London recently. Blogs have played quite a large part in this and I wondered if I could organise something similar online. I'm also very aware that many bloggers (including myself) read a fairly static list of other blogs and consequently must miss out on a huge amount of quality writing elsewhere so I was also wondering how to introduce people to new blogs.

Putting these two ideas together in my head I came up with Flashblogging. The idea is that the participants will all visit a blog that I specify at a particular time and perform some sort of task while you are there. This also gives you an excuse to read a blog that you may never have seen before.

As for the tasks, they will almost certainly have something to do with comments at some point (what else can you do at most blogs?). They will start off nice and simple but will get more complicated later in the month.

I will send an email to everyone who is taking part the day before with the details of when and where to go and what to do when you get there.

So, are you interested? Do you have any questions? If so, leave a comment (make sure you get your email address right ;-) ) or send me an email. Also, please spread the word and give your readers the chance to take part, too.

Hopefully, we can make this a success.