Friday, February 06, 2004

Blogging Starsigns

It was Pewari's birthday yesterday and in the comments Daisy wondered whether being an Aquarian means you're more likely to become a blogger. As a blogging Aquarian myself, I decided to see if I could find out.

In BW's absense (since she would be the obvious choice to ask, being the fount of all such knowledge :-) ) I thought I'd do some totting up on blogs registered at Globe of Blogs, which lists blogs in various ways, including by birthday. They currently have almost 10,500 registered blogs and 750 or so have birthdays between Jan 20th and Feb 18th (the dates I took for Aquarius). If you assume that birthday's are spread out evenly through the year then the number of bloggers who are Aquarians is considerably below average (which is about 860).

That's as far as I can take it, given that I don't know (and don't have time to find out) what the average spread of birthdays is like but it doesn't seem likely that knowing that would change the results so that they show Aquarians are more likely to become bloggers.

As an interesting aside, however, of the 20 bloggers on my sidebar, at least 3 of them are Aquarians (Scaryduck is the other one I know of) so, around here at least, Daisy does appear to be right. :-)

What star sign are the rest of you?

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