Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The Orange Tree

Just a short way north and west of Finchley is Totteridge, an area of London that wouldn't look out of place in the middle of rural England. Over the past week and a half we've been driving through it quite a lot as it's a nice shortcut to the A41 which then takes us all the way to Hemel Hempstead.

As you go up the hill towards Totteridge Common, the houses on either side get progressively larger and more ornate, progressively further back from the road and more shielded by trees.

Can anyone say million pound property? (And the rest)

I'm told a lot of the Arsenal footballers live along there and I can well believe it. If you live there I'm sure it wouldn't feel like living in London at all.

Anyway, at the edge of Totteridge village itself is an inn called The Orange Tree, which serves a fantastic menu of traditional English food at very reasonable prices. We've been in there a few times over the last couple of years and went in last Thursday for one last time.

After having Tiger Prawns in a white wine, cream and shallot sauce, fillet steak with a brandy and paprika sauce and grilled flat mushrooms and 'sticky richard', I came home well and truly stuffed but very satisfied.

That's one thing I am going to miss about Finchley. If you ever find yourself in the area I recommend trying to find it. You won't be disappointed.

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