Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Staying on the subject of law enforcement, I was reminded yesterday of a sight I saw from the office window last Friday. Given that the office is on the corner of a fairly major junction in the city, the sight of police cars, ambulances and fire engines screaming past with sirens blaring is not exactly uncommon and Friday was no exception. Upon hearing the sirens I looked out of the window to see a normal police car speed across the junction. What was odd was the vehicle that followed it, with one of those removable blue flashing lights stuck on the roof above the driver.

The following vehicle was a white, beaten up, old Mitsubishi minivan, the kind that your local plumber or window cleaner would use. The only thing that could have made it more authentic would have been the words 'clean me' written in the dirt on the back of it. Clearly this van had been in some sort of undercover surveillance operation and now it was speeding through the streets of the City, presumably in pursuit of some crimelord or other. Unfortunately, it very soon disappeared from sight so I've got no idea where it went or whether the end result made it worth breaking cover.

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