Friday, February 13, 2004


Three weeks ago we ordered the bedroom furniture we're going to need in the new place (2 wardrobes, a chest of drawers and a couple of bedside cabinets). It's nice looking, well made furniture and will look fantastic once it's been delivered in a few weeks.

The thing that we really liked about the wardrobes were the size and versatility of them. They are each 7'4" tall and 4'5" wide and can have shelves and hanging rails put in them wherever you like.

They were half price in the sales and the sale was ending before we completed on the house so we put the order in before we knew they would fit in the room. It was with some trepidation, therefore that we went into the bedroom again once we had the keys and noticed that the ceiling was not that high. I got the tape measure out and put it up against the wall, then let out a the hopeful breath I'd been keeping in a relieved sigh. The ceiling is 7'5" from the floor so we have a whole 1" of clearance.

Then came the next worry. The wardrobes come flat-packed and have to be built in the room (they'd never go through the door pre-built) and they can't be built horizontal and then lifted vertical because they'd jam against the ceiling. Could they be built upright?

I went back to the store yesterday and had a look at the models they had on the shop floor. Phew! They don't need to be screwed together from either the top or the bottom; it's all done from the inside.

So we haven't landed ourselves with a pair of wardrobes we can't use. It's a hell of a relief.

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