Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Da da da daa dee dee.
Da da da daa dee dee.
Da da dee da da daa daa.
Da da dee da daa daa.

Yes, it's my birthday today. I've got the day off work and I'm looking forward to a fantastic day. First up, presents.

Right, what have we here? Oh, handkerchiefs. Great. Just what I always wanted.

Socks? Why get me socks? I've got loads of socks already. So what if they all have holes in them. I like the holes. I'm comfortable with the holes.

Ooh, things are looking up, this one's cd-shaped. I wonder what it is? Ah, choral music... *forces a grin* Lovely. Thank you so much.

Just one present left. Let's hope it lives up to the quality of the rest. It's certainly big. In fact it's the biggest present I've ever seen. I don't know who wrapped it but it must have taken hours. *does some quick calculations* It's about 3 times as tall as I am and almost as wide!

*tears a small hole in the paper*

Hmmm. Glass. Interesting. I've still got no idea what it is. There's nothing for it, I'm just going to have to unwrap the whole thing.

*furious sound of paper being ripped up*

Blimey! It's... It's a... a house!!!

That's right, not only is it my birthday today but by a piece of cunning design today is also the day we complete on our new home. We'll be spending most of the day in Hemel Hempstead waiting to get the keys then taking our time in looking around the place, getting ideas for colour schemes and decoration.

I'm sure there will be a chance or two for a celebratory drink as well.

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