Monday, December 01, 2003

What might have been

So, what have I missed while I was on my Floyd marathon? Has anything been happening in the world that I would have otherwise blogged about? Well, here's a day by day account of what November might have looked like on Clear Blue Skies had I not been waxing lyrically, so to speak.

1st - A bus crashing into tree on the High Road in Finchley and showering glass all over passers-by just twenty yards in front of us.
2nd - Tim Henman winning a tennis tournament.
3rd - The news that Alcopop Hooch is to be axed
4th - The demise of Brookside
5th - The Proposed bill to restrict the sale of fireworks.
6th - The Bank of England raising interest rates just two days after we booked a three year fixed rate mortgage. Sweet.
7th - Michael Portillo giving up politics to become a full-time single mum. Or something like that.
8th - My team setting off on a run in the FA Cup having beaten Stockport County 2-1. :-)
9th - Those allegations about Prince Charles
10th - Red Ken possibly rejoining the Labour party, ousting the democratically elected labour mayoral candidate in the process.
11th - Rushing a little too much and not paying attention while shaving and taking a great chunk out of my face.
12th - The debate over whether parents should be allowed to select the sex of their children.
13th - It's official: Guinness IS good for you!
14th - Getting the full report from the surveyors on our new home. No major problems, which is a relief.
15th - American families pay the heaviest price yet as two helicopters crash in Iraq.
16th - Spending the afternoon in the pub instead of doing the housework. A much better use of the time.
17th - A Russian girl getting frostbite after her tongue gets stuck to the inside of a freezer.
18th - Bush arriving in London for the first ever state visit by an American President.
19th - Michael Jackson's Neverland searched by police after allegations of child molestation.
20th - A sickening game of Paper, Scissors Stone.
21st - Newsreaders singing Motown and Simon Cowell being sawn in half? That'll be Children in Need, then.
22nd - The wonderful, fabulous, brilliant right foot of Jonny Wilkinson.
23rd - The 40th anniversary of first Doctor Who transmission.
24th - The news that HIV cases in the UK rose by 20% in a year.
25th - My annual appraisal, which surprisingly opened my eyes to a few opportunities that may come my way in the next twelve months.
26th - Tony Blair setting out his stall for an almighty battle over tuition fees in the Queen's Speech.
27th - My office being invaded by the smell of bad eggs
28th - New look Top of the Pops
29th - Finally getting started on the Christmas present buying.
30th - The last day you can legally drive while holding a mobile phone.

And that's not to mention anything about Mirror journalists moonlighting as palace footmen, more protests against Bush, the trial of Ian Huntley, pointless Northern Irish Assembly elections or the up-coming tube go-slows.

What a month that could have been. Oh well, let's hope December can produce a wealth of topics to rival that.

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