Wednesday, April 07, 2004


You rummage through piles of junk in the hopes of finding a gem amongst the detritus. Looking up at the pavilion full of tables you can see a few hundred other people doing exactly the same and a panicky thought flits across your mind; will they find it before you do?

£500 in cash is burning a hole in your pocket and you glance towards the exit, wondering if you could make it through and away. No, you think, they'd be onto you before you went a hundred yards; your bright t-shirt is a dead give-away. You turn back to the table.

On this one battered silverware struggles for space with chipped plates. The next holds beaten up toys and dolls. You look at your watch. Just ten minutes to go and you haven't bought a thing, yet. Trying to ignore the rising panic you move over towards a table of glassware. There! A cut glass decanter with matching tumblers. The seller says it's Art Deco style but you can't tell one way or the other. Youu hand over the money and head off, clutching your purchase.

Back to the toy stall and a battered old bear grabs your attention and you can't resist putting your hand into your pocket again. It just looks so forlorn. Quick, there's just a few minutes left and you need to get one more thing. You spot a furniture stall and head in that direction. Two minutes and a couple of hundred later and you have a writing desk to put your decanter and bear on.

Relief spreads through you in waves as you take it all to where David waits for you, all orange-tanned skin and white smiles. "Well now," he says, "did you find any bargains?

--- ¦ ---

Yesterday threw up some interesting posts (Peanuts in coke? Really?) so thanks for those. For their efforts, e scores another ten points, BW and NiC get 7 and Gary is off the mark with 2. Harriet, I'm afraid I can't allow your entry as the post wasn't written recently.

Now e's secret has been revealed (see yesterday's comments) there's really no excuse for her to outscore the rest of you so come on and get those entries rolling in!.

Regarding the comments, it appears some of you have had trouble seeing them over the last couple of days. I haven't noticed any problems myself so I don't have any idea what's been going on but I don't think any comments have gone missing so don't worry about it too much.

Today's target is for all you lingerie and foodhall lovers out there: 'Marks & Spencer'. I'm sure you all know the drill by now but if you are new to this then the rules can be found here. Tomorrow, you can expect the first of the 'special bloghunts' where your task will be slightly different so be sure to drop in after midday to find out what it is.

Good luck and happy hunting

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