Friday, April 16, 2004


When I was in the scouts as a kid there was a campfire song we used to sing called 'Bear Hunt'. It was one of those songs where the leader would chant a line, which everyone else then repeated. It also had actions throughout so it was always a favourite.

It started out: "We're going on a bear hunt"
"We're going on a bear hunt"
"We're not scared"
"We're not sca..."

After a couple more lines you'd get to an obstacle that had to be got past somehow.

"We've come to a field of long grass/field of short grass/river/mountain etc"
"Can't go round it"
"Can't go under it"
"Have to go through/over it"

There then followed a short burst of action and sound effect suitable for the obstacle before the song went into the next verse (same beginning, different obstacle)

In the last verse you get to a cave:
"It's dark inside"
"Can't go round it"
"Can't go under it"
"Have to go into it"

In the cave you come across something.

"It's big"
"It's warm"
"It's furry"

You then have to act out all of the obstacles, in reverse order, very quickly because you're running away from the bear until you get back to the beginning again. Whereupon you collapse exhausted.

Great fun.

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Only Gary put an entry in for yesterday's hunt and although the casino avenue post he linked to didn't specifically mention a type of boat, there was a picture of theThamess with a little speedboat in it so I'm going to give him the points anyway. So well done, Gary, 7 more points for you.

**UPDATE: Harriet put in an entry just after midday but, in the interests of the competition (and because it included a great picture), I'm going to allow it, so 10 points for Harriet, too.**

As I said in the comments earlier, if you want to carry on until the end of the month then that's fine by me. I just don't want to be setting a competition that has no entrants.

Today's hunt is of the same format as last Thursday's. Your entry must include a word or phrase connected to today's target in some way but it must not contain the target itself. Points will be awarded in the same way as last week and you have until midday on Sunday to find your entry. As last week, you must include the word or phrase that you hunted for in you answer.

The target is: 'Summer'

Good luck and happy hunting!

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