Thursday, April 15, 2004


The wind was blowing hard, driving rain against the shop fronts as the old man in the cafe watched a young couple make their way down the High Street. Every few yards he saw them stop and peer in through a window, the young woman pointing something out and her husband trying to stop the rain going down the back of his neck.

After they had stopped at a third window the woman grabbed her husbands hand and all but dragged him inside.

Lightening flashed and a distant rumble of thunder followed it before the pair came out again, the woman trudging downheartedly. They stopped again at the next window but this time it was the man who pointed at various things inside. The woman just shook her head and pulled him away.

As they made their way towards the pub on the corner the thunder crashed again, almost overhead this time and the rain lashed down harder than before, causing the couple to break into a run. They were soaked though by the time they reached the door to the pub and disappeared from view.

The old man smiled to himself and glanced up at the sky. Hell of a day to go hunting for a house, he thought to himself.

--- ¦ ---

Okay, it appears there was a little bit of confusion over yesterday's hunt rules so I'm going to be generous and allow both Gary's and e's entries. Which means that yesterday's scores were 10 for Harriet and Gary and 7 for e.

I'm beginning to think that doing this for a whole month may be a bit too much of a stretch, interest-wise, so I may only run the competition until the end of next week. What do you think? Next week's hunts are going to be slightly different anyway as I'm going to try to make it a little more difficult.

Anyway, today's hunt has a nautical theme. I want you to find blogs or posts that mention a type of ship. By that I mean general terms like 'yacht' rather than anything specific such as a particular type of yacht etc. I also want you each to come up with a different types, too.

Good luck and happy hunting

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