Monday, April 26, 2004


This one was going to be very easy to write up to the point the particular witch I was going to link to decided to cast a spell to make herself invisible. At that point I started to wonder what I'd write instead. I mean, how do you hunt for an invisible witch?

Thankfully, the spell wasn't a permanent one and is now starting to wear off. Hunting for a semi-invisible witch is a darn sight easier, let me tell you.

Anyway, I reckon I know the reason behind the blue one's recent reduced presence in blogland. There was a reference to a task that needed to be done in one of her posts last week and I've got an idea what that task might be. You've probably all thought it was something that needed to be done around the Coven but I say no. I think she's been to busy finalising the details of a certain 6-figure book deal that's been much publicised of late.

All those posts deriding the Guardian competition and criticising the winner were just pieces of classic mis-direction, if you ask me.


--- ¦ ---

By the way, I've now run out of ideas to write about for the first half of these hunt posts and it would be a shame to fall short of the end of the month by just 4 days so if you've got any suggestions I'd like to hear them. If you look back, all of the post titles make sense when followed by the word hunt but that's the only criteria.

As for Friday's hunt, only Gary's entry was valid (sorry Harriet) for which he scores the following: 7 for the post, 8 for the connection and 4 for the search term, giving him 19 in all.

Which means the current leaderboard looks like this:

Gary - 110 pts
Harriet - 78
e - 73
BW - 50
NiC - 36
Laura - 5
lemonpillows - 5

It was looking fairly close last week but with Friday's score Gary looks like he's now got the competition wrapped up. Will that last until the end of the week?

This week, the theme for the hunts will be links. You are still looking for blog posts but those posts must include a link to a news story that I specify each day. For instance, if the story was Arsenal winning the Premiership, you could link to one of DG's stories from yesterday. Got it?

Today's news story target is the recent spate of kidnapping in Iraq.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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