Friday, April 23, 2004


The sun beat down mercilessly on the landrover as it bounced across the African savannah. Of the three men inside, two swept the landscape with binoculars, searching for their prey. After a couple of hours of fruitless hunting one of the men pointed to the south and the driver slowed the vehicle to a stop.

They quickly loaded their rifles before the landrover started off again and drove slowly in the direction the man had pointed out. After a short while the driver stopped again and all three scanned the undergrowth. They didn't have to wait long. Suddenly appearing from the long grass, a male lion approached to investigate the newcomers. It stopped some yards away to sniff and prowl about.

One of the men slowly took aim with his rifle and pulled the trigger. The lion yelped in pain and with a roar disappeared into the brush.

The men in the landrover sat back and turned to the laptop on the back seat. On the screen a blue dot pulsed and slowly moved away from the red point that represented the landrover's position.

"Good shot, Michael," the driver said. "That's another lion we can protect from the hunters".

--- ¦ ---

Sorry about the lack of hunt yesterday. As I said in the comments, the power went down first thing in the morning and was off for about 7 hours. Although our back-up generator gave us enough power to run a fair number of the pc's in the office (and, of course, make plenty of tea and coffee), I had to move to a different desk where I was in no position to do any blogging. By the time I got home my eyes were so tired from squinting at a computer screen in a darkened office that I just couldn't face posting anything. It was a very odd day indeed.

But enough of that; from Tuesday's hunt Harriet's man-eating lion nets her seven points while Gary's cute, cuddly cheetah earns the maximum ten. I'll post the updated leaderboard over the weekend or on Monday, before the final week of the hunting.

Today's hunt combines this week's photographic theme with the word association theme from the last two weeks. You have to go and find a photo on a blog somewhere that you associate with the word 'Saint' (since it is St George's day today). The usual rules apply with regards the scoring so make those connections as obscure as you can. As before, you have until midday on Sunday to get your entries in.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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