Wednesday, April 14, 2004


*fiddles with moustache and puts on posh accent*

What ho!

Jolly fine day for a ride through the country, what?

What's that you say? First-timer, eh? Well don't you worry, just follow the dogs and mind out for low branches. One wouldn't want to be unhorsed in the middle of the chase, what?

Sorry? I can't quite catch what you're saying. You're not sure you want to come along? It's just a bit of sport, what? There's nothing to beat the feeling one gets when the horn sounds and the dogs bay. Just ask Tarquin over there, he'll tell you, isn't that right Tarquin, old fellow?

Animal cruelty? What on earth do you mean? We treat our dogs and horses with the utmost care. They're all in tip-top condition. Hmm? You meant the fox?


As soon as we catch it we treat it very humanely. Of course, the dogs have had their pound of flesh by then. But they're only playing with it. Only natural, what?

Wait! Where are you going? Was it something I said? Think of all the fun you'll miss!

Oh well. Are we ready Tarquin? Then let us dally no longer.

Tally Ho!

--- ¦ ---

On yesterday's evidence, I'm going to have to make this more difficult if I can. All of you found posts within the previous two days with e, NiC, Harriet and Gary all scoring ten and BW scoring 7. There were some fantastic pictures, too, so well done on finding those.

So, the leaderboard currently looks like this:

e - 66 pts
BW - 50
Harriet - 41
NiC - 36
Gary - 34
Laura - 5
lemonpillows - 5

We're only a third of the way through the month so that 16 point lead of e's isn't insurmountable, by any means.

Today's hunt is of a more topical nature (though it won't be truly topical for another few months). I want you to go and find posts (no blogs, this time) about the upcoming U.S. presidential elections. I don't want just a passing reference, either. Rather, I want some form of political analysis about the election. I also don't want you to come up with posts from media blogs etc - they should be personal views written by 'real' people.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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