Tuesday, April 27, 2004

New Project

Following on from my last month long event, flashblogging month back in October, I set myself a writing task and, not being one to alter an obviously winning formula (!) I'm going to do the same next month. Nothing quite so drawn out and painful as Pink Floyd month turned out to be, though.

One of the things I've noticed in my travels trough blogland is that bloggers generally fall into one of two camps when it comes to site design. There are those that have archives (like me) and those that have 'backblogs' instead. Same thing, different name. To me, though, there does seem to be a fundamental difference between the two words. Archive conjures an image of old things that have been put away for safekeeping but that aren't generally looked at anymore while backblog seems somehow more alive, more current. As though they are still being added to.

And that's the inspiration behind my new writing project - I am going to start writing my backblog.

To that end I am going to make use of blogger's wonderful date-changing feature to flesh out the past a little bit. I will be writing about the memorable and/or life-changing moments from my past and posting them in the appropriate place in my backblog. Unfortunately, the earliest date blogger will allow is the beginning of 1999 so I won't be able be able to write about me breaking my ankle while playing football in a park outside the Houses of Parliament when I was 16, for example, or the fight I got into on my twenty-first birthday but the last five and a half year have been pretty momentous so there should be plenty to write about.

I won't be writing one every day (I've learnt that if I'm that strict with myself I end up not enjoying it) but every now and again you'll probably notice a new month appears on my sidebar and the events of my life B.C.B.S. will start to take shape.

The Backblog Project starts here on May 1st.

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