Wednesday, April 28, 2004


As I have said before, I go past Wembley Stadium on the train twice a day and it has been interesting trying to work out how the building work is going. There is a ring of tall cranes around the edge of the site and, though I haven't yet seen them lifting anything, I'm sure they do. At least there are obviously things happening there, as opposed to a certain other London renovation

About a month ago five new cranes appeared across the middle of the site. They are squat ones that make the others look like they would break under the slightest weight. Kind of like the comparison between a short, powerful circus strongman and a tall, willowy acrobat. These five cranes are of different heights with the tallest one in the middle and the shortest pair on the outside and it's not difficult to work out what they are for; soon we should be seeing the arch go up. More recently a ramp of girders has also appeared in front of the middle crane and I guess that's meant to help in raising the arch, too. It should be a fantastic sight once it's up.

I'll keep you all up to date with developments when I see them.

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