Tuesday, April 20, 2004


The van pulls up at the side of the road and a dozen uniforms pile out of it, surveying the scene. The overturned prison bus is bathed in light from the cars already there and a single blue light is turning lazily, casting an eerie tone over the trees in the wood beyond.

The police dogs are baying to be released as the newly arrived officers are gathered in for the briefing.

"Listen up! Two hours ago this prison transport bus veered off the road and overturned at the edge of the woods. In it, 5 Category A prisoners were being transported to a maximum security facility. The driver and one of the guards on board were both killed in the crash. The other guard was unconscious for a time and by the time he woke, three of the prisoners had escaped. One, too injured to get very far, has already been recaptured. The other two are still at large."

The officers exchanged glances, each of them thinking the same; it was going to be a long night.

"These two men are extremely dangerous and must be found before they get near a residential area where they can go to ground. There will be four teams of dogs heading out to pick up the trail and you will spread out between the teams in pairs to ensure they can't slip back past us.

"Right, let's get on with this man hunt.

--- ¦ ---

Again, Gary's was the only entry in yesterday's hunt, for which he scores a maximum ten points. What happened to the rest of you?

Today is another photo hunt, this time looking for photos of famous landmarks from other major world cities (i.e. not in the U.K.).

Good luck and happy hunting!

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