Monday, April 19, 2004


In the early seasons of The Simpsons, it seemed like every show included a practical joke delivered over the phone by Bart and Lisa (odd, since it went right against her character as the person who always tries to do the right thing). They would phone up Mo's Bar and ask for imaginary people called things like Jock Strap or Homer Sexual and Mo would call out to the bar for this fictional person and everyone would laugh at him.

Of course, there was no way they could use the original version of the joke, which went something like this:

"Err, yeah, hi! I'm looking for Mr Hunt? First name Mike."

"Hold on a minute, I'll check. Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?"

**Please note, Mr Diva, that I am in no way inferring anything of the sort with regards to your good self. It's just the you're the only Mike on my link list. ;-) **

When I first started working at Dixons, the staff there played a similar joke on any new starter. They'd give them a name and a phone number and ask you to phone them and tell you their TV was back from the repair centre or something along those lines. The name was Mr. C. Lyon and the number was for London Zoo. Thankfully I'd heard about this and didn't get caught out by it but I know other people who did. London Zoo must get calls like that all the time.

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Gary's entry was the only one for Friday's hunt. He scores 4 points for the timing of the post plus 6 for the connection and 3 for the search term. So, that's a total of 13.

As I said last week, this week's hunts are going to be slightly different to what has gone before. Instead of searching for words or phrases, I want you to look for photos. Clearly, some of you read my mind last week because you came up with a few posts with photos in them, and very good they were, too. The rest of the rules remain the same so any posts you find must be recent etc.

Today, I want you to find photos of London landmarks. You must each come up with a different landmark, too.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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