Friday, November 07, 2003

No 10.

Breathe, breathe in the air

Song: Breathe In The Air
Album: Dark Side Of The Moon

Just not too deeply if you're in the middle of London, eh? The air quality in the centre of town may have improved since dear old Ken's congestion charge kicked in but it's still not fantastic. However, the streets of London are like a walk in the country when compared to the air on the tube.

There's so much dust on the London Underground that it's hard to believe your eyes when you see the mice that live down there in the tunnels. They're all so black with the stuff that you can’t see how they can breathe any more - surely their lungs must be coated, too. If you blow your nose after a journey, especially after one where you had to wait a while at a subterranean station, you'll get a whole load of blackness in your tissue (my apologies to those faint-hearted among you and any of you who happen to be eating right now). It's truly disgusting.

It's no wonder that it's only in the last three years, since I started commuting into London to work, that I have begun to suffer from hay fever in the summer. I used to get the sniffles for maybe a week or so at the beginning of the season but now I'm sneezing and have runny eyes for a good couple of months with it.

Thankfully, the house we are buying is outside of London and just a couple of hundred yards away from open fields and the countryside. I can’t wait to drink in the fresh air. It'll be great. Maybe my hay fever will even die down a little. Just a couple of months to go, now.

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