Thursday, November 06, 2003

No 8.

I'm creeping back to life
My nervous system all awry
I'm wearing the inside out

Song: Wearing The Inside Out
Album: The Division Bell

Do you ever woken up in the morning and find that you just can’t think straight? You know the sort of morning I’m talking about. When you get dressed you put your top on inside out and try putting your trousers on the wrong way round. You shuffle into the kitchen and put milk in the washing machine and fabric softener over your cornflakes before putting the kids out and getting the dog ready for school.

If you do feel that way, what’s your trick for putting yourself back together again? Coffee? Bacon sandwich? Pulling a sickie?

Usually I find that feeling like this is due to an over-generous consumption of alcohol the night before and the cure is a pint of water before I leave the house and a sausage and bacon baguette when I get to work, assuming I've survived the trip on the tube, of course. Then it’s just a case of hanging on to my desk for dear life as the office spins around me until lunchtime by which point I usually feel better.

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