Thursday, November 20, 2003

No 29.

Got thirteen channels of shit on the TV to choose from.

Song: Nobody Home
Album: The Wall

When we lived in Krapy Rub Snif (read it backwards and you'll find out where) we had cable TV. This was mainly to do with the fact that it was a pretty bad flat converted from a shop and there was no aerial input. But it did mean that we had more than thirteen channels of shit to choose from. We could always find something to watch, even if it was just old repeats of Changing Rooms or Time Team.

I ended up hating the fact that our home life was ruled by the telly. It still is to a certain extent, though it is much easier to switch it off when there's nothing on now that we only have the five main channels. The big problem is that we haven't so far had a large enough flat to give us somewhere other than the living room to sit comfortably and read a book or something. But that will hopefully soon change, once we get our new place.

Finally we'll have somewhere to escape from the TV to.

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