Tuesday, March 30, 2004

About Time I Did That

This morning I did something unusual. Well, it was unusual for me; to my knowledge I've only done it once before.

Yes, this morning I went to register with the local doctor. Just the usual checkup of height (less than I thought, though not much), weight (more than I thought, though not much) and blood pressure (about right) plus medical and family history etc.

I was registered at the surgery just four doors away from my parents house until the middle of my final year at university, five years ago, when a possible bout of tonselitis caused me to register in Manchester. Despite having lived in Stevenage (again), Finsbury Park and Finchley since then, I could never be bothered to get it sorted out.

I very rarely get ill enough to need to go to see the doctor so I think I felt it wasn't worth doing, given that each of those places was only a temporary stop along the way. Maybe, now I'm more permanently rooted, I can see the point in only having to travel a few hundred yards rather than two hundred miles to see my doctor. Maybe because I'm getting a little bit older I don't think my health is as unassailable as once it was. Maybe I don't want to be lazy any more. I don't know.

At least now, on those rare occasions when I need to, I can seek treatment without too much hassle.

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