Monday, March 29, 2004

Help Needed

Everything is sweetness and light in one little corner of Blogland at the moment. Well, I say everything but that's not quite true.

You see, a couple of bloggers recently met in The City That Never Sleeps and fell hopelessly, madly in love. Reading their respective takes on it, everything looks great. However, there is a problem: krissa lives in New York but Stuart lives in Hatfield, in leafy Hertfordshire.

There are many factors that can put love to the test and distance is one of the major ones. But, hopefully, the distance involved here will only be temporary as Stuart wants to up sticks and move across the pond. Thing is, he doesn't really know how he's going to go about doing that and has asked for help. So if you know of any jobs in New York for a Mechanical Engineer, then let him know, won't you?

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