Tuesday, March 16, 2004

New Makeover Show

Inspired by Blue Witch's post about future trends in TV programmes, I was going to put this in her comments but it sort of grew a little too large for that so I thought I'd post it here instead.

What's that I hear? Me? Stealing other people's ideas? Never. I was inspired.

Anyway, I saw the following at the end of a largely forgotten BBC press release about maintenance budgets or something:


Coming to the BBC2 schedule this autumn, the hottest new makeover show for years. 'Makeover Show Force Invaders' will follow a group of programme creators as they spruce up tired, old makeover shows. The team, lead by Andi Peters and dressed in brightly-coloured jumpsuits, will have just over 27 hours and a budget of £450 to transform the old formats before they surprise the presenters of the show on their next filming day.

In the first episode, the Force Invaders tackle Ground Force. Watch as they make Charlie, Tommy and co film the show in the dark while dressed up as garden gnomes.

"We thought doing up the gardens in the dark would present more of a challenge and give the show a bit of 'edge'. Dressing them up as gnomes was just a bit of fun, really." says Andi.

In other episodes in the series, Kim and Aggie are forced to do How Clean Is Your House using only their tongues and a pair of brillo pads and in Home Front, the team swaps things around so that Diarmuid creates the garden in the house, complete with concrete and steel 'monolith' and Laurence builds a new living and dining room outside.

At the show's launch party, attended a dazzling array of D-list Cable TV celebs, Andi said, "We feel we've been given a mandate by the BBC to create new, innovative, pioneering, ground-breaking makeover shows. Hopefully, the changes we make will stand the test of time and become the standard of makeover shows yet to come."


What makeover show would you change and how would you do it?

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