Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Bloghunt Details

As I said last week, April will be Bloghunt Month here at Clear Blue Skies. This is how it will work.

On each of the twenty working days in April (i.e. Monday - Friday not including Good Friday or Easter Monday) I will give you a word, phrase or theme and set you off to hunt down blogs in which it has recently been used. Points will be awarded for the example you come up with and the person with the most points at the end of the month will be the winner. Though, note there is no prize, just the pride at being bloghunting champion.

The number of points you get will depend on how recent the post you come up with is, relative to the date the hunt is set:

Yesterday - 10 points
Within the last week - 7 points
Within the last fortnight - 4 points
Within the last month - 2 points

A discretionary bonus of up to 7 points may be awarded if you find a blog that is connected to the word or theme, either through its title or the theme of the blog. So, for example, if the word was 'diamond' then you could come up with the blog belonging to our favourite geezer or if the phrase was 'alcohol' then you could choose one of the new additions to my links list, The Bottle Shop, since it is about working in an off licence. Get it?

There are a few rules for you to note and adhere to (penalties will be harsh and may even sting a little ;-) ):

1. Only one entry per person per day. By which I mean you can find one post or one blog, not one of each. This is to give everyone a chance to win.
2. Your entry must be from a blog you do not own or contribute to.
3. All entries are to be put in the relevant comments box.
4. Hunt details will be posted between 12 and 1 p.m. and entries must be in by midday the following day (i.e. entries for the first hunt next Thursday must be in by 12p.m. on Friday, etc.)
5. Points will only be awarded for the first example of a particular blog or post left in the comments so you'll each have to find a different one.

There are no rules regarding tactics so how you conduct your hunt is entirely up to you. However, if you're thinking of using Google then I would suggest getting to know the advanced search better might be of some use. :-)

There will be a trial run here this Friday so why not come along and see how you do? And don't forget to pass the message along, will you?

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