Friday, March 05, 2004


I didn't quite know what to expect. Going into a pub I don't know to drink with people I'd never met before is not something I do very often. Getting on with people online is one thing but that doesn't necessarily translate into getting on with them in 'reality'.

I mean, what if Witchy turned out to have a boil on the side of her nose that it would be impossible to tear your eyes from? Maybe the geezer had an nervous twitch that would be the cause of long uncomfortable silences and bouts of floor gazing. What if everyone else had something against baldness and refused to talk to me? Perhaps...

Just as well I'm not the paranoid type.

Anyway, having spent the day at home doing various little jobs and waiting for some furniture to be delivered, I duly trooped down to London late afternoon and got to The Chandos before anyone else. Not that I knew that, of course. The pub was full of people and any of them could have been who I was looking for. Not wanting to go from table to table asking awkward questions and getting strange looks ("Eh? What's blogging?") I sat down with a pint and got out my book, which was also doubling as a red rose in the lapel so everyone else would know it was me.

NiC came along first with Eloon/Elsie/Elaine hot on his heels and we were off. The beer was flowing nicely and by the time dave, dg, Blue Witch and Steve had all arrived we were chattering away.

Having been inaugurated into the KKK, frustrated BW by not being in tune with our energies and artfully arranged our 'special objects' for a photo shoot, the evening drew to a close. I stumbled back to Euston in time to get the penultimate train.

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. One that we'll have to repeat some time.

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