Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Toilet Rage

I'm sure you've all heard the adage about how bad an idea it is to synchronise your beer to piss ratio with a complete stranger when you're in a pub, haven't you?

What you may not be aware of is that there's an equivalent one for the workplace. Just substitute beer with tea and complete stranger with middle-aged, Eastern European cleaning lady and you'll begin to see what I mean.

The problem is, the men's toilets are shut while she's in there cleaning them, which means you have to go traipsing upstairs instead. If it happens to you a few times a day it gets more than a little annoying. Looking at the timesheet in the toilet, they are cleaned 7 times each day between 8.30 and 4.30 and she takes just over five minutes to do it each time, which means that the men's loo is shut for almost 10% of the working day! No wonder she always seems to be in there just when I need to be.

Absolute madness. It's not as if they need cleaning that often. This is an office full of city types, not building site full of construction workers (apologies to any brickies out there ;-) ).

I would rant more but I've got to go...

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