Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Driving to work?

Seen driving around the city this afternoon....

... an office desk!

Yes, I am telling the truth and no, I didn't have any beers at lunchtime.

I happened to glance out of the window at the right moment to spot this vehicle seemingly made from two L-shaped desks put together to make a 'C' come round the corner. The desks had phones and computer screens on them and various bits of paper were strewn about. The vehicle had a few chairs attached around it, with a guy at the front (inside the C) driving and two girls sitting at the back (outside the C). They were all strapped in but even so, the chairs they were sat in were hanging out over the road so I doubt it would have felt all that safe. They all seemed to be enjoying it, though.

It went by too quickly to catch it all but it was advertising some sort of company that sells or leases office space, I think. If it comes round again I'll let you know.

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