Friday, March 19, 2004


I've been working from home today and sitting at the table looking out of the dining room window, I've seen a lot of birds valiantly attempting to fly into the wind.

All of a sudden it's as if they've hit an invisible wall as they become stationary, despite them furiously beating their wings. I've even seen a few battered mercilessly to the ground as they've been attempting take off. They hop to their feet again, looking a little bit ruffled, and give themselves a shake before trying again, sometimes with much the same effect.

The wind has been howling around the hills here today. It spent most of the morning hurling rain at our front windows in a vain attempt to water the carpet before deciding that the birds and the just-emptied wheelie bins were easier targets. Now it seems to have pretty much blown itself out and has settled down to a stiff breeze. I reckon it's just resting, gathering all it's energy together before its next assault on our walls tomorrow morning.

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