Thursday, March 18, 2004

Special Event

It's been a while now since the heady days of October last year when we all went flashblogging so I thought it was high time I organised another special event month. I was meaning to do something at the beginning of the year but moving house sort of took precedence.

I've got various ideas for things to do (or things to get you to do) so it was a little difficult deciding which one to use but after much deliberation and hand-wringing I went for a late outsider of an idea. Thus, April on Clear Blue Skies will be...

Bloghunt Month

Is that a cry of "What's Bloghunting?" I hear at the back of the room? Well, if you give me a couple of seconds I'll explain.

It really is a very simple concept. Every day (probably every weekday,actually), I will post a word or phrase or theme and it will be your job to go trawling through the blogosphere to find recent (i.e. between a day and a month old) posts that contain or are about said word, phrase or theme. The idea being, as usual, to hopefully introduce you to blogs you wouldn't normally read. So, for example, if the word was 'Budget' you could come up my second post from yesterday (and probably hundreds of others out there).

This will be run as a competition, with points being awarded for how recent the example you come up with is. At the end of the month the person with the most points will be ajudged the winner. There is no prize beyond pride itself, though if anyone out there with some artistic talent wants to come up with a little graphic that the winner can display on their blog then please feel free (there might even be bonus points if it's particularly good ;-) ).

A full set of rules, such as there are, will be given next week and there will probably be a test run as well before the competition starts on April 1st.

There is no need to register for this one, just turn up in April and play along. Of course, if you like the idea and want to join in then a little blogvertising over the next couple of weeks would help make it all the more successful.

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