Monday, October 06, 2003

Bad Boys

L and I went to see Bad Boys II yesterday. If you've seen the first one you'll know most of the storyline already; cops going after bad guys, gun battles, car chases, destruction of the city, beautiful girl gets kidnapped etc. etc. It's all been done before, notably with the Lethal Weapon films but Bad Boys still works very well.

A lot of this is down to the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and the humour in the script but the set pieces are also done very well with a big gunfight in the midst of a twenty car pile up in the middle of Miami, a chase involving a car transporter and a battle in Cuba.

Add in plenty of four-letter words, a cameo from Dan Marino (it is set in Miami, after all) and Lawrence's character's fear of rats and you've got a recipe for a very good cop movie.

It will never win any awards or be thought of as even slightly intellectual but if all you want is to disengage your mind and watch a good, fun action flick then you couldn't do much better.

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