Thursday, October 23, 2003

Kojak vs Columbo

Flashblog #3 took place at Viper Squad Ten where we had a great old time discussing the pro's and cons of baldness. I'll be writing a post tomorrow or Saturday to pick out the best one's. Until then, feel free to debate the issue further in the comments.

Well done to Mr.D. and billy for posting on the dot at 1.00 and a light smack on the wrist for Elsie for talking about a different  kind of baldness to the rest of us. I suppose it's my fault, though - the instructions didn't say we were talking about baldness of the head.

Thank you all for taking part. Now, I need to take a quick straw poll. Should there be another flashblog early next week before the grand finale next Friday? Remember that the finale will be substantially different to those that have gone before so I suppose what I'm asking is do you want to do one more 'normal' flashblog?

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